1. One million liter of fuel is saved during Nyepi’s silent day.

But of course, since travelling is not allowed during Nyepi, vehicles are parked safely at homes saving its fuel. Schools and all offices are closed and you are required to stay home during the 24-hr period.

2. Nyepi helps to conserve the wonderful and magical Balinese culture

We are used to seeing children with gadgets and sometimes wonder if they will even enjoy running around to just play with their friends outside. In Bali, you’ll still see that, especially during the cultural ceremonies and events including Nyepi.


3. Inspired the World Silent Day

Celebrated on 21th of March all over the World, World Silent Day campaign is based on Nyepi tradition. Why March 21? The date was selected because of the Northern Equinox and the World Forestry Day, linked to World Water day on March 22, symbolizing life.

4. No hotels check in or check out on Nyepi Day.

Just as well, no shops are open too. If you plan to stay at home, make sure to have kept food at home. Water, staples, and of course gas too. 


5.Starry starry night

As the island cuts the power and the sky really pops! On the night of Nyepi Day, you’ll wake up the next day with a bright blue sky above you. 


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