The Titan Edge has crafted some of the slimmest watches the world has ever seen and launched their range officially in 2002. Titan's brand story comes alive due to its rich legacy of crafting exquisite timepieces over a span of 37 years and culminating into an edgy horological marvel.



  • What Is So Special About The Titan Edge Watch?

The Titan Edge is unique because its movements are 1.15 mm slim. They are water-resistant up to 30 metres and have a battery life, double the life of an ordinary battery. The sheer ingenuity with which an Edge watch is put together is worth appreciating, which is why Titan is taking its unique creation to the Guinness Book of World records soon.


  • Is Titan Edge the slimmest watch?

Yes, Titan Edge has been launched as the slimmest ceramic watch. By designing the watch with a thickness of 4.4mm, the impossible has been achieved.


  • Is Titan edge waterproof?

The ultra-slim display is protected from scratches by a clear mineral glass window. These durable watches are sweat and water resistant so there is no worry when a busy day and life takes you down a different path than intended.

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