It all started with leather products CONDOTTI, an Italian brand that has a global reputation for its premium leather goods such as belt, wallet, briefcase and bag. Due to massively succeed through its leather products, the creators decided to launch new line to fulfill customer needs in accessories and jewelries sector which is watches.

Nowadays, people wear watches as a part of their fashion. Styles do matter, with that reason, Condotti watches are always made in tune with the season and inspired by up-to-the-minute styles that are ideal for watch lovers enthusiasts which provide maximum functionality in designs that combine performance, luxury and style that suit all men in every event.

Condotti watches are dedicated to quality, prestige and innovation to create an artistic, classic touch and modern design timepieces for a generation of fast-fashion consumers. With fine stainless steel case & japan/swiss moevement, Condotti timepieces always presents affordable price but still focus on its quality.